Frequently Asked Questions

There is a search bar at the top of the website where you can type in whatever you’re looking for. Enter the name of an artist or a song title, and results should appear.
Party Tyme and Billboard Karaoke are known as the best-sounding karaoke discs on the market!
Creating a new recording requires written permission from both the publisher(s) for use of a song, and from Sybersound Records for use of the master recording. For more information, please visit the sybersound website.
Yes! Please visit the sybersound website
Not yet, but will very soon! Check back for some exciting new updates!
Please note that Copyright Law allows a consumer to make one (1) copy for personal use only. Copyright Law does not, however, allow anyone to make a copy for professional use.
Certain songwriters and publishers specifically deny karaoke use of their songs. Although some of those songs may appear on other websites, such usage is strictly forbidden by Copyright Law. Party Tyme and Billboard Karaoke albums only include songs that are 100% approved for karaoke use by publishers.
Sure!  We'd love to hear your suggestions. Please send them to customerservice@partytyme.com.    
New Super Hits, Country Hits, & Girl Pop titles, are released 2-3 times per year.
Party Tyme and Billboard Karaoke discs are in the CD+G format. Lyrics can appear on a TV screen with the use of a CD+G karaoke machine.
When a CD+G is played on a CD+G karaoke machine, lyrics can appear on a TV screen. When played on a CD player or other type of audio-only device, music can be heard, but lyrics will not appear on screen. Note that computers are not CD+G players.
Any profanity in original artist versions of songs has been removed from our product line, both audibly and visually. Such song lyrics have been silenced in our audio recordings, and replaced by asterisks in visual on-screen lyrics and physical lyric booklets.
Yes, lyric pages are included with all Party Tyme and Billboard Karaoke CD+Gs and Party Packs. Lyrics can also appear on screen with the use of a CD+G karaoke machine.
Most karaoke recordings are not performed by the original artists. Artist names appear next to song titles for the purpose of identifying the version of a song and preventing confusion with other songs with the same or similar titles.
Many discs feature both a “vocal version” and a “karaoke version” of each song. Singers often use the vocal versions to help them learn the songs, then perform with the karaoke versions.
The term “karaoke” comes from the Japanese word “Kara” which means empty, and “Oke” (Okesutora), which means orchestra. Karaoke tracks include background music and background vocals - everything except the lead vocal. Some discs also contain guide vocal versions, which singers can use to learn the songs.
A Karaoke CD+G is a CD with graphics, the standard format for karaoke discs. Lyrics can appear on a TV screen when used with a CD+G karaoke machine.
Our discs are designed to be used with CD+G karaoke machines. When played on a laptop or CD player, music can be heard, but lyrics will not appear on screen. If you’d like to purchase karaoke tracks with lyrics on screen for use in a laptop, our tracks can be purchased and downloaded at www.partytyme.net.
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Shipping days are Monday thru Friday. Orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days. Items shipped overnight should arrive the day after the order is processed, not necessarily the day that the order is placed. We DO NOT ship on Weekends (Saturday, and Sunday) or Holidays.
You can view the status of your order in the email invoice we have sent you. If you want updated information, please message us through our Contact form.
Sybersound Records, Inc. PO Box 6464 Malibu, CA 90264
Yes we ship internationally. However, we do not cover any duty and/or brokerage fees incurred when the merchandise arrives in other countries.
A promo code box appears on the checkout page. During checkout, enter the promo code in the box, and the applicable discount will be applied to your order total.